Strategic Partnership between CNBM and Baidu Stimulates the Intelligent Upgrade of China’s Manufacturing Industries

On July 13, China National Building Materials and Baidu entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to launch an in-depth collaboration in a number of areas, including smart factories, industrial unmanned driving, digital mines, new data center infrastructure, and enterprise AI systems. In response to the nation’s call for a “New Infrastructure,” the two parties team up to accelerate the transformation of Chinese enterprises to digitalization and intellectualization, and push forward “Made in China” towards “Intelligent Manufacturing in China.” It is reported that the value of the contracts signed in the first phase of the cooperation amounts to 27 million yuan, with the total value of the entire strategic cooperation expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.

As a typical state-owned enterprise, the world’s leading material developer, and comprehensive service provider, CNBM is making its contributions to the “New Infrastructure” endeavor in the areas of high precision materials, intelligent manufacturing, and industry cloud platform. In the new round of technological and industrial reform intelligent manufacturing has become the area of focus and main direction of development opportunities worldwide. The cooperation between CNBM and Baidu will provide a model for intelligent upgrading of China’s manufacturing, accelerate the integration of more enterprises with AI, and promote the high-quality development of China’s economy through advanced manufacturing technologies.

Just a day before CNBM signing the contract with Baidu, the first full-coverage smart factory created by LandGlass for Zhejiang Zhaomin Glass Technology Co. Ltd. welcomed the visitors from the Zhejiang Glass Industry Association. From intelligent glass tempering to intelligent networking, from IoE to smart factory, the R&D team of LandGlass combines decades of core experiences in glass processing with Industry 4.0 and IoT information technology to provide total solutions of the smart factory for domestic and foreign clients, helping them to achieve lean and efficient intelligent manufacturing and management, to keep improving themselves, and to become the leaders in the industry!

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