Vacuum Insulated Glass is Expected to Start a New Energy-saving Era

LandVac vacuum insulated glass, as a new type of glass product, offers extraordinary advantages in heat and noise insulation, condensation resistance, high transmittance, and high wind resistance.

Vacuum insulating glass is a product for which there is an urgent need in ultra-low-energy buildings. At present, the ultra-low-energy buildings is primarily dominated by high-performance triple-pane insulating glass and vacuum insulated glass. It can be expected that in the next 5 years, the total demand for high-performance insulating glass and vacuum insulated glass in the domestic market alone will not be less than 300 million square meters.

A R&D team consisting of nearly one hundred professionals at LandGlass devoted eight years to develop the tempered vacuum insulated glass -- LandVac. It has overcome the limitations of traditional vacuum insulated glass that requires a composite pattern. Its outstanding performance in heat insulation, noise reduction, and condensation resistance has helped it to find a wide range of applications in construction, electrical appliances, transportation, and other consumer fields. In the meantime, LandGlass is the only company in the world that operates a fully automated tempered vacuum insulated glass production line with an annual output exceeding 200,000 m2. Tempered vacuum insulated glass --- LandVac integrated solution contributes the wisdom of LandGlass to China's carbon neutralization commitments.

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