The New Si Jie Industry Analysis: China Has a Huge Market for Low-E Energy Saving Glass

The low emissivity glass (Low-E glass) offers great light transmission while effectively blocking the heat flow from the high temperature field to the low temperature field. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving building glass that helps to block heat from entering the room in the summer and keeps the heat in the winter.

Since 2010, a number of Low-E glass production facilities have completed construction or been put into operation in China. The industry production capacity has rapidly increased. Among the new production lines, facilities with production capacity of 10 million square meters take a large percentage. China's Low-E glass industry development trends towards large-scale production.

In Europe, the United States, and other developed countries, the market penetration of Low-E glass has exceeded 85%. Currently, the applications of Low-E glass in China are mainly limited to large public buildings. With the continuous promotion of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, more requirements are expected to be imposed on building energy efficiency. The demands for Low-E glass applications in the fields of general public buildings and residential housing will continue to grow.

LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glass energy saving Series with Low-E glass offering better energy saving performance, is the ideal solution for buildings in line with energy-saving and emission-reduction policies.

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