Wuhan is to Promote Energy Efficient Door and Windows
Recently, a press conference on “Integrated Energy-Saving Windows and Doors” was held in the City of Wuhan. The first model building with integrated energy saving windows and doors built by Wuhan Doors and Windows Association was introduced to the attendees at the conference. A good faith commitment signing ceremony was also held at the time. It calls for the improvement in the quality of windows and doors products while raising the requirements for their energy efficiency to encourage the use of energy saving products in building constructions. Departmental leaders from Wuhan committee of municipal and rural construction, Wuhan building energy conservation office, Wuhan association of building enterprises attended this conference.  
As the first model architectural structure entirely adopting energy efficient windows and doors in Wuhan, the building is one of the important measures to demonstrate the superior performance of good quality windows and doors made by Wuhan enterprises, to accelerate the development of Wuhan’s energy saving doors and windows products, and to promote new technologies and thinking in integrated energy efficient products, setting a great example in real estate applications of good quality windows and doors products. 
At present, with the accelerated economic structural transformation progress, environmental awareness among general public is also growing. People are now paying more attention to the quality and comfort of living. With increased desire for improved dwelling, there is an urgent need to upgrade the patterns of energy use in building sector while promoting the integrated energy saving windows and green buildings so that consumers can truly enjoy the benefits offered by low carbon consumption, quality green products such as the integrated windows and doors.

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