MOHURD Carries Out Ad Hoc Inspections over Green Buildings

For the purpose of implementing national regulations and policies on building energy efficiency, the development of green buildings and prefabricated buildings, collecting information on the progress of the annual goals set forth for the construction of energy efficient buildings, green buildings and prefabricated buildings nationwide in 2017, identifying weaknesses and lessons learned, as well as sharing of best local practices and experiences, it is decided to conduct an ad hoc inspection over the implementation of building energy efficiency, green buildings and prefabricated buildings during the period of January through April of 2018. 

The inspection has two stages. From January through February of 2018, local governments shall undertake self-examination over the key areas of focus in this inspection. According to the requirements, the number of civil buildings that are newly constructed following mandatory standards of energy conservation in each administrative area of the province (district or city) and subject to the inspection shall not be less than 30. The number of public buildings funded by governmental units, the affordable housing projects and large public buildings in municipalities directly under the Central Government, municipalities with independent budgetary status, and provincial capitals to be inspected based on green building standard shall not be less than 20. Random inspections by MOHURD shall be carried out in March and April.  Cities at prefectural level and above shall review 3 energy efficient building projects newly constructed and 3 green building projects. Cities (districts) at county level shall inspect 3 newly built energy efficient projects. According to relevant regulations, the results of the implementation of building energy efficiency, green buildings, and prefabricated buildings shall become the basis for the evaluation of the ecological progress nationwide, the “dual control”over total quantity and intensity of  energy consumption at provincial governmental level, the implementation progress of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, as well as the supervision and assessment over urban planning and construction management. 

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