Intelligent Automatic Detection Technology and Device for the Detection of Spontaneous Breakage of Tempered Glass

Spontaneous breakage of tempered glass, known as “cancer of glass,” is a world-class safety issue that is most common in architectural glass applications but hard to detect. By revealing the correlation between the impurity particles in the tempered glass and the distribution of stress field in the surrounding area, the research put forward the criteria of spontaneous glass breakage detection for the first time and developed the method for automatic detection of defects in existing architectural glass -- polariscope scanning method, device, and software, providing an effective way to the diagnosis of “glass cancer”. The intelligent glass curtain wall climbing robot with dual-cup negative pressure adsorption developed by the project can easily climb across the seams of frameless curtain glass, ideal for frameless curtain glass inspection. The equipment is able to automatically, effectively, and safely carry detection devices to perform inspection of high-rise glass curtain wall risk through remote sensing and control of the climbing robot, enhancing the reliability of detecting data as well as the safety, flexibility, and detectable items of on-site operation. Detection data and images are transmitted to the ground level through 4G wireless network, overcoming the shortfalls of traditional hand-held devices and manual operation. 

the project was evaluated as original technology innovation by the science and technology achievement appraisal of China Building Materials Federation. The experts conclude that the tempered glass spontaneous breakage risk detection and polariscope scanning method have effectively solved the technical problem associated with the diagnosis of spontaneous tempered glass explosion. It is also concluded that the outstanding innovation achievement bridges a domestic and international gap with its overall technology in a world leading position.

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